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Matthew Lawry

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Team Australia

October 13, 1978 - April 14, 2013



Donatelife Australia and Asthma Australia 
Matthew was a Registered Australian Organ and Tissue Donor from the age of 18. Matthew’s Organ Donation saved 8 Lives, with a further 33 Tissue Donations over the past 5 years. In the prime of his life, aged 34 years, Matty tragically suffered an Acute Asthma Attack on his way to work in Melbourne Australia, in the early hours of April 2013.  The Eldest of 4 siblings, having had a daughter Senna aged 3 years at his time of passing. Matthew loved his family, friends and community, having joined Rotary with his younger brother Luke at Williamstown.  Matty was a dedicated, respected ‘A’ Grade Metal Fabricator in Construction Industry.  Matthew was an enthusiastic talented sportsman with a love of Baseball, having been a Member of 2 Clubs, Number 34 in country Victoria and Number 64 in metropolitan Victoria, noting a travelling distance of (160kms, 2 Hours drive ) As the result of his Organ Donation, Matthew’s Heart Recipient now resonates his life by ONE of Matty’s QUOTES:

“You Have Choice”
When You Wake Up In The Morning 
Go Back To Sleep And Dream 
or Wake-Up And Chase That Dream 
The Choice Is Yours !! 

Matthew will always be in our hearts for as long as we have memories.A Treasured Son,Brother,Brother-In Law, Dad and Uncle also known as ‘Cool Matt’ to his Nephews and Nieces- Remembered for having a beautiful Smile and for his Generosity of 

‘The Gift of Life’  - Your Loving Family xox 

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