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You Can Be The Change!

Thank you for your support of the Transplant Life Foundation and the Transplant Games of America. When you give, you are providing other recipients, donors, and donor families the opportunity to experience this community, and be a part of the Transplant Life Foundation.


Through our work and your gift, we as a whole can accomplish amazing milestones. Please consider today and help us connect the Donation and Transplant Community together. 

Impact of  Your Donation



A large portion of donations go toward our special events. These events play a very important role in our donation and transplant community. Specifically, the Transplant Games of America event is a major financial and managerial undertaking. This event is a multi-million dollar operation with an end result of unmatched emotional and inspiring fan experience.   

Educational resources provide our community with the much need answers to their transplant related questions. Through our work, TLF provides beneficial resources for recipients, donors, donor families and all others affected by donation and transplantation. A big contributor is the publication of our magazine TransplantNATION. This magazine covers all aspects donation and transplantation to enlighten everyone involved. 

Educational Resources

Through various campaigns and donation efforts TLF is able to provide travel assistance to those in need. A huge burden for our community is traveling to the Transplant Games of America. Everyone should have the chance to experience the Games. Fortunately, through our efforts, we are able to assist individuals with this issue. 



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