The Transplant Life Foundation was re-branded after research indicated that our donation and transplant family would be best served with a name that reflected our overall mission and goals.  The Transplant Games of America and TransplantNATION magazine are critically important Foundation initiatives that continue to bring together recipients, donor families, living donors, future recipients and healthcare professionals. Along with these and future initiatives, the Transplant Life Foundation will continue to serve and be a voice for the Donation and Transplant Community.

  • Serve transplant recipients, donor families, living donors, future recipients, and others in the Donation and Transplant community with programs and educational materials to enhance and improve their lives. 

  • Bring together a diverse audience who experiences will demonstrate the impact of donation and transplantation.

  • Increase public awareness of the advances in the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Broaden and expand the national and state donor registries by encouraging the public to register to be a donor.


Our initiatives will help increase life-saving transplants as we actively work to increase the number of individuals on the National Donate Life Registry and local donor registries.  We will continue to develop programs and services, establish partnerships for education and awareness, and bring the transplant community together, to reinforce the overwhelming need for donation and transplantation.