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The stories of courage and determination in the donation and transplantation community are emotional and heartwarming in a way that is impossible to describe without a visit to the Reflection Room.  This popular site at the Transplant Games of America, provides an opportunity for families in a quiet environment to reflect on their loved ones who have passed away and provided the gift of life to others.  In a setting that gives participants a contemplative moment, the Reflection Room gives a pictorial review of hundreds of individual donors, who in an unselfish manner, sacrificed, to make life possible for others.

Our virtual reflection room, on this website, mirrors many of the important elements of the physical Reflection Room. It gives family members the opportunity to create, honor, and cherish their loved ones by capturing their reflections in a sincere and intimate way.

If you would like to preserve the legacy of your loved one, please click the button below 

If you would like to view the reflections, please click the button below to enter the Gallery of Loved Ones.

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