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Mary Dunn Houston

Kirkville, NY

Team Finger Lakes

August 18, 1986 - September 04, 2007

Her Smile Said It All

Mary was a very thoughtful and caring person. Always there to help out a friend or give someone a shoulder to cry on. She loved country music, The New York Yankees, and especially her family and friends. She lived life to the fullest. In high school, she began to donate blood and was very proud in doing so. Every time she came home from giving blood, she would walk in the door and say "I saved some lives today!" In the summer of 2007, she married the love of her life, Brandon. She looked like an Angel. Five weeks later after a late dinner out with her husband, they had car trouble on the highway and she was struck by a vehicle trying to avoid theirs. When we got to the hospital, she was declared brain dead. We did not hesitate to donate her organs because she was such a giving person. She saved four lives! We love and miss you, Mary!

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