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Lat & Lo Partnership

A beautiful way to commemorate a
special transplant moment 

The Transplant Life Foundation is partnering with the unique handcrafted jewelry brand, Lat & Lo, to provide the transplant community with sentimental pieces of jewelry and accessories. Transplant recipients, living donors, donor families, and caregivers all undergo a series of ups and downs throughout their transplant journey. Transplant Life Foundation wants to offer these individuals the opportunity to purchase a gift to commemorate a significant memory from their experience. Lat & Lo’s pieces are inscribed with customizable latitude and longitude coordinate that can representing a meaningful location for each individual person. These items would make the perfect gift for someone celebrating a transplant anniversary, an impending transplant, or honoring a loved one who has given the gift of life. 

Lat & Lo is offering a special discount to the Transplant Life Foundation community in celebration of our new partnership. Use the code TLF10 to receive a 10% discount off your purchase. In addition to the discount, Lat & Lo will donate 10% of each purchase to Transplant Life Foundation. Apply the code at checkout to receive 10% off your purchase and help support the Transplant Life Foundation. Visit to find the perfect piece to commemorates one of life’s biggest moments. This offer ends July 31, 2020. 


There are various locations that are significant for individuals in the donation and transplantation community. Each transplant experience is unique and Lat & Lo’s jewelry can help reflect that!

Transplant Related Coordinate Ideas

  • Where you received your transplant

  • Where you met your living donor or donor family

  • Where you got the call that there was an organ available for you

  • Where you donated

  • Where your loved one donated

  • Where your first Transplant Games was or where you received your first TGA medal

  • Your loved one’s favorite place

Bar Necklace_New Beginnings_Lat & Lo.jpg

Special Occasion Coordinate Ideas 

  • Where your home is located

  • Where your school is located

  • Where you graduated

  • Where you met your significant other

  • Where you got married

  • Where your child or children were born

  • Family vacation and reunion locations

  • Favorite travel destination 

Cuff and Bar Necklace_Lat & Lo.jpg

Customization Options

All Lat & Lo products are inscribed with unique coordinates. Once you are ready to add a piece of jewelry to your cart, type in the address of your significant location and Lat & Lo will find the coordinates for you. 

Further customization is available on select items.  

Customizations include a personalized inscription on the back, a handwritten love note on the back, the skyline of your chosen city, date and time. All customizations can be made prior to adding the item to your cart. 

About Lat & Lo

Lat & Lo is the world’s first full jewelry line of custom location wear, designing signature pieces inscribed with sentimental customized latitude and longitude coordinates to a meaningful place in your life. Lat & Lo uses high quality 14K gold filled and sterling silver metals for most items. Each Lat & Lo piece is handcrafted to order and customized specially for you in their Florida studio. Production time is 5-7 business days. For domestic shipments, Lat & Lo uses USPS First Class Mail (3-4 days) and for international, they use DHL Express (3-4 days) shipping time.  

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