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Kris Haywood

Columbus, MS

Team Mississippi

January 17, 1993 - September 17, 2010


Ever since Kristopher was a small child, we saw in him the gentleness, kindness, and love in his heart. Regardless of color or religion of any person for he never met a stranger, that he wouldn’t talk their ear off.  He became liked and loved by many everywhere he lived and worked. Living on his own for ten years after high school graduation and some college coursework, he took a break from college for a while. Kris had a love for the elderly, loved people in general, loved saving helpless and hurt animals, recusing them and bringing them home. We had 11 rescue animals in our backyard for many years. They kept coming till the time Kris went to be with his “Lord and Savior Jesus.” I knew from a young age Kris’ heart was a good and spiritually kind one! As he became a man, he was always dreaming of seeing the world, meeting new and exciting people and the great beauties of the world. But in his short-lived life of 28 years young; “Sweet Jesus” called him home to where his dreams of love and great beauties were all around him. So much more of what he could have ever dreamed of seeing he found! But before his death, he moved back home to finish his last year of college to become a social worker for he wanted to help people. But he never got to see his dream of being a social worker, for “Jesus” had a greater plan and purpose for his life and gained a precious soul.  In his passing his life to be with “Jesus” he led his last act of love and kindness of being an organ donor to 5 strangers, he was never to know. But I believe from heaven he sees the wonderful, loving, kind and funny lady that had to be handpicked by God, Himself! For she is the one that Kristopher would have loved as his parents love her.  The beautiful lady with his good and kind “Heart” beating inside of her; she has blessed us so.  We love her dearly, and she is a part of our family forever more.

The Blessed and Proud Parents of aSweet Kind SoulOur Angel “Kris” 
Is loved deeply forever;
 For there is no end to love like ours; 
Just more endless time…………………

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