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Jacob Eyring

Chapin, South Carolina

Team South Carolina

December 04, 1994 - October 13, 2015

Our Sweet Butterfly

Jake was a 2013 graduate of Chapin High School in SC where he was a member of the InvenTeam at the Center for Advance Technical Studies. He achieved first place at a state technology fair for flight endurance and was awarded on his great technological inventions and innovations. He participated in many activities such as USC’s Pumpkin’ Chuckin’ and participating in many competitions as he displayed his wheelchair innovation in honor of his grandmother Eyring. He continued to apply his creative mind as he was a sophomore at Clemson University where he was studying Graphic Communications. Jake was known for his big hugs, contagious laugh, beautiful smile and true friendship. He was happiest when doing things for others and making a difference in their lives. He loved camping, fishing and playing on the lake. Jake was a tech wiz, a regular Mr. Fix it, always ready to help out with a car stereo, phone or computer problem. He  took the "stock" Avalanche his father gave him and tricked it out with loud exhaust, a lift kit, a brush guard and cool wheels and tires. He learned so many of these things from hanging out and tinkering with his father in their garage. He had an intense love for his mother and sang 80’s songs with her and loved being pampered by his grandmother Adkins. Ever protective and always delivering admiration and encouragement to his sister, Jake freely gave his sister advice on how to break the news of her various speeding tickets to their parents.  Frequently, he would share how proud he was of her academic achievements.   Jake was our "little butterfly" who would flutter all over visiting friends, going places or visiting family.  Jake was a generous tissue donor and his donation helped a man regain the use of his arm instead of amputation and a Vietnam Veteran be able to walk.  We will continue to chase butterflies in hopes of feeling his presence again making us smile.  #familyforever   

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