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Caleb Roch

Champaign, IL

Team Illinois

August 27, 1987 - June 18, 2008

Honorary Police Officer Caleb Mitchell Roch #7H21

From a very young age, Caleb knew that he wanted to be a Champaign Police Officer and he set his sights on just that, preparing himself for officer testing, studying criminal justice, and volunteering with CPD in various capacities. Very unfortunately, Caleb’s life was taken in a motorcycle crash two months before he reached officer eligibility. In honoring Caleb’s life Chief Anthony Cobb stated, “In memory of Caleb Roch's unwavering support and dedicated desire to serve at the pleasure of the Champaign community as a law enforcement officer, the Champaign Police Department hereby proclaims badge number '7H21’ to be designated to Honorary Police Officer Caleb Mitchell Roch.”

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