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Brayden Branley

Salt Lake City, UT

Team Utah-Idaho

December 04, 2009 - July 13, 2011

Brayden Was Our Super Hero

Brayden passed away suddenly one afternoon when he was 19 months old. But that wasn't the end of his story.  Through tissue donation Bray was able to save 2 lives.  His big brother, then 4, said it best.  He woke us up one night just a few weeks after loosing his brother, he confirmed that we donated parts of his brothers heart, and that because of that, his brother had saved two lives.  Then, after a moment of very serious 4 year old thought, he looked at me and said "Ok. So brother was a super hero." He then nodded at me like this settled everything, went back to bed, and never had another nightmare about his little brother.

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