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Bradley Wenneberg

Chandler, AZ

August 08, 1995 - June 17, 2015

Forever Young 

My donor was only 20 years old, I've never met his family they happen to live in Utah. The family are my hero's, they gave me the gift of life when Bradley could no longer sustain life. The family made the decision to give others the gift of life and on June 17, 2015 I received a double lung transplant from Bradley.    Bradley is his name, but he went by the name Vegas. He was in love with Harley motorcycles and could drive a semi by the age of 13.  He would of gave the shirt off his back to anyone.  He had just turned 20 may 8 . Forever Young is our motto but at his funeral we played Charlie Puth and Wiz Khalifa "Till We See You Again." His four year old sister who will never really remember him, called him Bubby. They were attached at the hip. He was so proud of his little sister but she always wants to hear that song and sends him balloons often.  She was just about to turn 3 when all this happened.

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