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Anand Persaud

Clermont, FL

Team Florida

April 17, 1984 - October 02, 2005

A Special Hero

Anand always loved people, cared and shared his time, knowledge to so many lives. Migrated from Guyana in 2002, where he taught at his alma mater. The students adore him, because he told all of them to be the best they can be, value your time, opportunity comes but once. At the age of 18 years he impacted so many lives in the school, church and community. Everyone wanted to be close to him. In 2005, he met his untimely death, as a result of a car accident. Just 3 years in the USA and the unexpected occurred. During that time he enjoyed life, worked and was about to go to higher learning, but his life was cut short. He gave the Gift of Life to 6 wonderful families, who are making the best at a second chance at life. We had exciting, pleasant and memorable times with our son and we missed him so much. We love the Games and the relationship with Recipients and Donor Families, we do not take for granted. As during this time we are on common ground and our stories have so much value, inspiration, healing and comfort for each other. We will never want to miss any of these Games. God bless everyone at the Games and do continue to bring awareness on Organ Donation wherever you go. School, University, Workplaces, Churches.

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