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Patrick Lee Miller

Anderson, SC

Team South Carolina

March 22, 1990 - September 26, 1992

Little Lamb of God

Two-year-old Patrick had curly hair, a continuous grin, and an aversion to naps! He loved puppies, and always wanted to go play “ ‘side ” in the sandbox. He adored his six-year-old brother, Matthew, and constantly followed him around trying to imitate him.  They loved building tents out of blankets! Patrick was raised in church and was a regular member of his Sunday School class. Once he came home telling me (his mom) all about Potiphar...except I couldn’t understand his pronunciation of that name! His Sunday school teacher had to interpret. He spent his last day celebrating my 29th birthday and eating macaroni with both hands! We had no idea he would not awaken from that afternoon nap.... He helped others with his donation. But mostly, he helped me. And still does. Such love. Such joy. Such a legacy. 

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