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Esther Elizabeth Daw

Chesnee, SC

Team South Carolina

June 02, 1998 - February 11, 2017

Daughter, Sister, Mother & Friend!

From the start of her beautiful life...those eyes!  Full of  She had a gorgeous smile. She could go from 0-60 in just a split second...then reality of the harshness of living in the real world.  She so wanted to adventure & to assist any critter that needed help....a true Ellie Mae Clampett!  We'd have to stop to rescue turtles crossing the road at a moment's notice! :-) She was only 18 when the accident occurred...gone too soon...with a 4 1/2 month old baby girl.  She left us a wonderful gift in Mila Grace...the privilege of raising her has taken the edge off, as well as knowing her life gave 3 other families the miracle that had been praying for!  We'll look for you in all the beautiful corners of God's Creation sweet girl!  You are missed!

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