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Edward T. Milbourne, Jr.

Philadelphia, PA

Team Philadelphia

September 08, 1955 - November 19, 1997

Our Hero

This is one of my favorite pictures of my husband Ed, It was taken while we were on vacation in Jamacia. Ed was my loving husband of 25 years. Ed was Tracey's Dad and Erick's Poppy. Ed was a wonderful son, brother and friend. We all love and miss Ed very much. Ed was a great guy. He was always helping people and even after death, he was able to help people. Ed became an organ, eye and tissue donor 20 years ago. Ed saved the lives of 3 people from Pennsylvania by donating his liver and two kidneys. In October 2016, for the first time, our family was blessed to meet Dave and his family. Dave is Ed's kidney recipient. Dave is a very grateful recipient. Dave said his health is perfect! Twenty years after donation, Dave is living a full and active life. We know that Ed's life did not end. Ed's beautiful spirit lives on!

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