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Cody Dunham

Divernon, IL

Team Transplant St. Louis

October 19, 1978 - January 23, 2009

Our Family Hero

Cody Lee was a son, brother, husband, friend and Daddy to his 1 year-old son, Kasen Lee. He had quick wit, a strong and hard demeanor with a teddy bear heart. He worked hard and laughed hard and loved being a Daddy for the first year of his son's life. He was a protector, stood up for what's right and for people that deserved it and he didn't know a stranger. His presence has been missed every single day of the past 9 years without him. He lives on in his beautiful son and in the lives of his recipients. Cody is a tissue donor who donated bone tissue and both of his corneas. 118 bone tissue grafts were able to be used for transplant and his corneas helped save the sight of two people. He was a hero in our family when he was here on earth with us, and Cody lives on in so many that he is a hero in his death as well. He would have given his life for anyone, even a stranger, in his life, and now he has done just that in his death. We wish every day that he could be here with us, but every once in a while he gives us a perfect sign from his permanent home in Heaven to say, Hi and I love you. Until we meet again...

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