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Chad Radvansky

Lugoff, SC

Team South Carolina

October 08, 1985 - September 06, 2003

Chad Radvansky's Legacy

Chad was a handsome young man with an engaging smile. He loved sports and participated in baseball, basketball, snowboarding, soccer and competitive swimming. He was involved in church youth activities and scouts, an honor student and played trumpet in the band.  Born on our 3rd anniversary, he was truly a gift as the oldest of four children. In addition to his parents, he left behind a brother, Denis, and two sisters, Megan and Dawn. 

He had a quick wit and found humor in most situations. He was quick to smile and slow to anger. Chad was humble about his many accomplishments and preferred the background to the spotlight. Many times, we would find him quietly sitting in the room listening to the adults instead of outside playing with the children.  He was loyal to his friends and would not participate in or listen to gossip. What we miss most of all is his laughter and ability to make us smile. 

As he got older, Chad was less willing to hug but would put his arm around my neck and pretend to wrestle me to the ground. I knew this was his way of showing affection without losing his "cool factor." 

He was a 2003 graduate of Lugoff-Elgin High School and a freshman at Coastal Carolina University.  The summer after graduation, he was building a house in Myrtle Beach with his dad and uncle. He was so proud of the work he had put into it and was looking forward to moving into his new home in only a couple of weeks. When Chad got his driver's licence at  age 15, I asked him if he wanted to be an organ donor.  Without hesitation, he said yes and added, "If I die, I would offer anything to anyone if it saved or improved their life."  Because this was his desire, we never had to make that decision during the most difficult time of our lives.  Chad lost his life because of a few poor choices and inexperience behind the wheel while making the familiar drive home.

Without Chad, his birthdays and our anniversaries will never be the same. Chad was kind, considerate and lived life to the fullest. Even as a teenager, he was always respectful and made us proud. His death has left an emptiness that can never be filled, but he has touched the lives of many who will never be the same.

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