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The Reimagined 2020 Transplant Games

The Reimagined 2020 Transplant Games held at the American Dream in the Meadowlands from July 16-19, 2021, was a total success, touching and impacting the lives of thousands of individuals across the United States.  Despite the challenges faced by everyone during the pandemic recovery, almost 3,000 registered attendees participated in the Transplant Games.

April through June, athletes and supporters demonstrated the power of donation, and celebrated their second chance at life by engaging in a dozen competitions in their hometowns. In addition, close to 80,000 American Dream visitors had the opportunity to see and interact with Transplant Games programming and activities over the course of four days.  Utilizing a hybrid system, we were able to offer 45+ special and signature events, including coffeehouses, quilt-pinning, and a host of special signature events which were streamed to attendees in American Dream and over the internet to thousands of interested individuals across the country.

In celebration of our successful event, the Transplant Life Foundation would like to give special thanks to the NJ Sharing Network for leading the local effort and hosting the Reimagined 2020 Transplant Games. The NJSN team, dedicated to the overall mission of saving lives through organ and tissue donation, managed and directed an outstanding Meadowlands Local Organizing Committee who also worked diligently in support of the 2020 Games over the last three years. This commitment and dedication made our event a tremendous success. 

Thank you to the volunteers who helped over the last three years and during our main weekend at American Dream. We cannot thank you enough for your dedication, passion, and support of our work. The Games would not be the amazing event it is, without individuals like you.

Finally, thank you to the Reimagined 2020 Transplant Games sponsors who stuck with us through long years of planning, and made this event a special one for thousands of recipients, donors, donor families, medical and recovery teams. 

Thank you all,

Bill Ryan, President & CEO of Transplant Life Foundation

The 2020 Reimagined Games were a hit! Check out the highlight video, stats and facts as well as local articles and segments about the 2020 Reimagined Transplant Games below. 

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