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Michael Nolan

Yonkers, NY

Team LiveOnNY

May 26, 1992 - October 09, 2015

Michael's Memory

Michael Nolan is my younger brother and best friend. Michael accomplished in 23 years that some couldn’t in a lifetime by being drafted into the MLB in 2014 by the Oakland Athletics. Michael was an amazing person that loved life, live to have fun, smart, hard working, and had so many more great attributes. Michael is not only my hero but a hero to many other because he saved six peoples lives by donating his organs. Michael’s Story was all across the county and overseas because he is the innocent Oakland Athletics baseball player that was killed in a drive by shooting in Yonkers 2015. Michael just wasn’t a great friend, an amazing brother, outstanding son, but he was a person you would come across once in a lifetime. Michael is missed remarkably by many and his legacy will forever live on!

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