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John Creel

Transplant Community Member

Summit, New Jersey

Transplant Games Attended: 2014, 2016, 2018

As director of the transplant division of a major pharmaceutical company in 2013, John Creel remembers a co-worker saying, “Just wait until you get to the Transplant Games. It will all make sense when you get to the Games.”  Already feeling there was something special about transplant, John was blown away when he attended the Transplant Games one year later. He distinctly recalls the emotions, the amazing stories; some uplifting and some tragic, and the energy of such resilient and passionate people gathered in one place to celebrate the gift of life. 

John's experience at the Transplant Games made him realize transplant was more than just a job- he now had the opportunity to help raise awareness, educate the public and have an impact on the transplant community in a way that was different than any other time in his entire career. 

Q&A with John


The Opening Ceremony.  It’s just a flood of emotions.  You have to remember that I am not a recipient, I am not part of a donor family, I am not a living donor.  I am just someone who’s been moved by this community.  I am humbled by how lucky I am that a job in pharmaceuticals is what brought me to the Transplant Games when so many others are here because of their direct experience with organ donation and transplantation.  And so, at Opening Ceremonies to be surrounded by thousands of people who have endured, and fought, and overcome so much.  To see all of the teams and the donor families enter the stadium in a beautiful parade of celebration and remembrance, it’s the kind of experience that gives me hope.  For those few hours and the few days of the Transplant Games, anything seems possible.  I love that feeling.  It’s a shining example of the best of humanity.  I wish I could sprinkle a little bit of that spirit all over the world.  It would make the world a better place.

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“The Transplant Games have turned me into a lifelong advocate for organ donation and transplantation.”

- John Creel

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The Transplant Games of America is a six-day, festival style event that brings together the entire transplant community to celebrate the gift of life and to honor those who have given the gift of life.

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