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Jay Miller

Midvale, UT

Team Utah-Idaho

June 26, 1951 - November 24, 2017

Strong and Tender all rolled up into one

Born and raised in Provo, Jay enjoyed his connection to BYU as a student and athlete.  After graduating in Finance and working in California for a few years, Jay returned to Utah to set up his business with his best friend, and to raise a family.  Married to Lynne in 2008, we enjoyed scuba diving, birding and road trips to see kids (grandkids) and to enjoy the great outdoors.  An avid fisherman, you could often find Jay in a boat on a lake or in his float tube.  

He was the love of my life.  He was smart, witty, goofy, caring, loving...  I loved our conversations, our banter and the time we spent together or apart, it was all quality.

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