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A Community Who Cares

On average, the cost to attend the Transplant Games of America is about $1,500 per person. This includes registration fees, travel, lodging, food and miscellaneous expenses. Heading into the New Jersey market, that number will likely increase to around $2,500 per person for the 2020 Transplant Games. We never want finances to stand in the way of a team member participating in the Games. That is why this Giving Tuesday we will be raising funds for our Travel Grant Program that will help financially support those members who need it most!


This year for #GivingTuesday, the Transplant Life Foundation will be raising funds for our Travel Grant Program to give back to its community for the 2020 Transplant Games in New Jersey. Your gift today can help individuals experience this amazing, eye-opening event. Everyone affected by an organ, eye or tissue transplant or donation should have the chance to experience the Transplant Games of America. Let’s give them that chance today.

Impact of  Your Donation


"Every moment at the games is magical, from every loss and

victory, to every organ donor & recipient. The most beautiful

moments are the ones where a family decides to give life in

the hardest time of their lives. These families & donors are

so strong and selfless, they give me strength & hope.

Watching these families come to the Games & see the

impact their incredibly hard decision had on other people is

the most magical moment I have ever seen. Thank you organ

donors & families for all the magical moments you created" 


--MaryKathryn, Recipient


"When I walk into the Opening Ceremonies with all the other donor families and see the thousands of recipients and supporters standing and cheering and clapping for the donor families. It makes me cry every time, but they are good tears because you can feel so much love like you've never felt before."

--Pat, Donor Family Member

“During my first games in Cleveland, 2016, I had the

honor of meeting my donor’s husband for the first time.

This moment was made possible by Lifebanc.

I will never forget it!”


--Karen, Recipient.

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