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Edgelle Screws

Waynesboro, GA

Team Georgia

June 29, 1936 - February 19, 2018

Wonderful Wife, Mother, Granny

Edgelle Screws grew up in north Georgia, but moved to Wadley GA her senior year in high school.  She had a job at the counter of the bus station.  As she was waiting to cross the street to the bus station, a young man started a conversation with her and asked could he walk her across the street.  He did and every day after that for 2 weeks he came in to talk with her.  They had 6 dates, fell in love, and got married 6 months after they met.  They moved to Waynesboro, had 3 children and lived a good life.  She taught 5 year old Sunday School for 50 years. She was known for her baking and decorating cakes.  She served as president of the Saints Alive Senior Group.  Her husband spoiled her - always opening the car door and holding her hand when they walked. They enjoyed camping with their family and going on bus tours. Their marriage was a perfect example of what a Christian marriage and home should be like.  When he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, she lovingly took care of him. After he passed away, her heart was broken. But a strong Christian lady, a cancer survivor, and one who loved her family dearly, she didn't give up.  Though her health started failing, she was always there for her family and loved her grandkids and great-grand kids so much.  After her daughter had a heart transplant, she registered to be a donor.  When she suddenly passed away after a short illness, her family honored her wishes and she was able to donate her eyes.  She surely was loved and still was giving after death. 

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