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Breanne Conterio

Kansas City, MO


February 27, 1990 - January 09, 2012

Our Beautiful Angel

Breanne was a 21yr old nursing student when she tragically passed away from a PE(Pulmonary Embolism) the oral contraception pill called: YAZ. "Bree" as she was known by many, Loved Life! She always rooted for the under dog. Bree never judged people by their skin color, ethnic or income. She believed that beauty was from within. She would say I'll have your back as long as you are honest/trustworthy, kind, and respectful. Bree loved to make her friends laugh all the time! She enjoyed helping to build up their confidence, because Bree was strong in that area. She was a leader. Bree 's motto: Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much! Is pretty much how she lived her life. She also liked the saying YOLO: You Only Live Once. Bree tried to be the best that she could be. Even though she is no longner with us here, a part of Bree continues to live on through her unselfish "Gift's of Life": Her Heart, both Kidney's and Liver continue to give Four People a second chance with life! We Miss you always Breanne Marie and Love you even more!! You're an Inspiration to many and you're our Hero! Until we meet again, keep a watchful eye over us! Love you always our beautiful "Guardian Angel Bree". 💙💚❤😇

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