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Jordan Daus

Chagrin Falls, OH

Team Ohio

September 09, 1996 - November 13, 2014

Free Spirit 

My daughter Jordan Lynne passed away on November 13th 2014, due to complications from an accidental overdose; the lives of those that loved her were forever changed on that day! 

Jordan was just eighteen years old and recently graduated from Kenston High School.  Jordan was in a recovery program for adolescent chemical dependency at New Directions, and she was looking forward to beginning college majoring in psychology at Kent State.   She was extremely passionate about becoming a counselor and hoping to help others that were facing the same challenges that she would have overcome, in hopes of changing their lives for the better.  Unfortunately, Jordan had a difficult journey ahead of her and she lost her battle with addiction, overdosing at home on Monday evening, November 10th, 2014.
When Jordan was in the ICU at Ahuja, it was apparent early on that she would not fully recover from this injury and at that time I asked her doctors if she could potentially donate her organs, should she not survive as we knew this was Jordan’s wish.  Jordan was not a registered donor, (she did not have a drivers license – until she was 1 year sober) but we had several conversations about her wishes to be a donor.  As a former assistant to a heart transplant surgeon at the Cleveland Clinic, we often had conversations at home about what an amazing gift organ donation is and how the lives of others could go on when our time has passed.  Jordan was always looking for ways in which she could help others and this was one of her wishes.

 On December 26th the day after Christmas, we received a letter from Lifebanc providing information about the recipients of Jordan’s organs, four men had been given a second chance at life because of Jordan’s generous gifts. Jordan was able to donate her heart, liver, pancreas, right kidney.  

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